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I was only on ProArgi 9 for a matter of days and I can honestly say I felt the benefits from taking it very early on. I suffered from 'major dips' of fatigue mid afternoon almost every single day and now, I feel more alert and A LOT less tired. As an added bonus, I have noticed my performance in sports have increased a vast amount. As a result, 3 weeks later, I wanted to help others benefit from this product and have become a Synergy Team member. Thank you ProArgi 9!
Kelly Thompson, Cambridgeshire, Synergy Team Member. June 2013

I started taking Proargi9 about 2 months ago after researching the product to understand how it worked and what benefits it could have for me. I also looked at how much alcohol and junk foods I was consuming and realistically how I was really feeling, tired and lethargic most of the time. The combination of poor diet and alcohol was having an adverse effect on my health especially my blood pressure, state of mind and I was putting on more and more weight every month so I decided I would cut out Alcohol entirely and eat healthier and begin too take Proargi9. The money I was saving not buying alcohol easily pays for Proargi9. I began for the first 6 weeks taking 1 scoop a day. First thing in the morning. Then for the past 4 weeks I have been taking2 scoops a day. One at 7 am and one at 7 pm everyday. I have found a increase in energy levels and much more mental stability having greater focus. I now am ready too start an exercise program which 2 months ago I would have never even entertained. I am going too get my blood pressure taken again soon so I can see how much it has been reduced so I will post the results on here soon.
Dee, Cambrideshire

I will be using these V3 products everyday for the rest of my life. As a nutritional adviser I see the V3 as being essential in living along, healthy, active and happy life.
Darius McDonald, Personal Trainer, Huntingdon

ProArgi9 has giving me much needed energy at this time of the year which is my busiest when it comes to marquee building. Also this year I completed Tough Mudder and in the run up to and after the event I increased my scopes with a result being increased performance during the 12 mile endurance course and a fast recovery after the event with none of the usual aches.
Dave Blackett, Cambridgeshire
I have been taking Proargi9 for 6 weeks now and already my cholesterol has gone down, potassium has gone down, HDLD has gone up, magnesium has gone up, lipid slower and no infection markers. This is all good and I am thrilled that in just6 weeks, Proargi9 has made changes to my life. Watch this space!
Jill Mann, UK
Proargi9has changed my life. I was suffering from the effects of a fourth Brain Tumour and awaiting operation number 4 to remove it. I couldn't walk more than 50yards, I couldn't go out and thought my life was coming to an end. I have not needed that 4th operation and after 17 years of living with some amount of tumour I have now been given the all clear. The only thing I have done different is drink the fruit drink, Proargi9. I will never stop taking it. Thank you.
June Slater, Birmingham, UK
I was very sceptical about trying ProArgi9+ and thought it was just another gimmick but after being on wonder drugs for my Rheumatoid Arthritis for 6months including injections and with little results I felt I had nothing to loose.  Three weeks in and my wrist and ankles are less puffy and feel much better.  My sleeping is less disturbed and I don't feel so bloated from all the drug therapy and have regular bowl movement which is a first for years!!!  I am very impressed with the results that I will be continuing with ProArgi9+ and glad that I gave it a go.  It is simple and easy to use without all the fuss and nonsense associated with many other supplements. 
Babs, Huntingdon
After seeing the improvements in my wife's condition since taking ProArgi9+ I thought I may as well give it a go and believe me I feel like I am 10 years younger!!  I have much more energy than before and no more sluggishness in the mornings.  I will most certainly be recommending ProArgi9+ to my friends and am thing of starting an over 60's 5 A Side football team.  Watch this space .........
John, Huntingdon
I have a few medical conditions including High Blood Pressure, Anxiety, Depression as well a history of Heart Disease that runs in the family. Since taking ProArgi9+ I have already starting to feel more positive and sleep has come more naturally and I feel much more refreshed upon waking.  It is still early days but I can already see the benefits in my mood and am looking forward to joining the Synergy Team. 
Gwen, Doncaster
Update to testimonial re: Gwen, Doncaster - 24/07/13)
Gwen started using ProArgi9+ on 11th July and her blood pressure was 152/87 and yesterday (23/07/13) was recorded again at 138/72, which is the lowest recorded in 5 years!!
Working full time and also as a First Responder I sometimes only manage a few hours sleep.  Getting good quality sleep is very important as well as having energy the next day.  I found I used to get low dip throughout the day but since taking ProArgi9+ and its associated products Mistify and Phytolife I have a new found energy and feel great!  Thanks for bringing these products to me.  I look forward to joining the team and spreading the word!. 
Ian, Rossington
Since using ProArgi9+, Mistify & Phytolife I have become a new woman.  I have so much more energy.  Feel in better spirits and generally have abetter outlook on life.  I sleep better, am more creative and no longer have the 'can't be bothered' attitude which I found myself with only a short while ago.  Synergy has also given me an opportunity to channel my energies into a positive future with their 'leave a legacy' moto and business opportunity.  I am grateful to have been given this second chance and look forward to a brighter, happier, healthier future. 
Lou, Peterborough
When Louise and Kelly came to our sheltered scheme and spoke about ProArgi9+ and its benefits I couldn't wait to give it a go.  I have had 3 heart attacks in the past and at70 with grandchildren I wanted to make sure I saw then grow up.  I must say I was not expecting to feel so much better so soon ... I was no longer feeling lethargic.  I can now get up in the morning and feel great.  I have less pain in my joints.  I sleep better.  I do not feel hungry all the time so am not 'picking' so have started to loose a little bit of weight (which I have been told by my GP I needed to do) and in general I feel I have a lighter step about me and feel great!  I certainly did not expect this but am very pleased with the results that I have just started my second pot and will be telling all my family. Thank you girls. 
Janet, Peterborough.